Young Adults/Adults in Career Transition

Career Exploration/Job Search/Career Transition Coaching

Ms. Spraetz provides individual coaching sessions to help clients develop strong action plans that coincide with their personal and career goals. She starts with a discussion regarding the client’s work history, a review of skills and experience, and a values clarification exercise. She administers assessments when needed to assist clients in gaining clarity and language to describe who they are and who they want to be in their next career step. She proceeds with ensuring that a consistent message is presented through resumes, social media, and interview responses.

Ms. Spraetz assists clients in exploring career options when they are in career transition or want to change industries. She is available for individual sessions through phone conferences or Zoom meetings.


Career Package | $450

Personality, Career Interest and Values Assessments
Two Coaching Sessions

  • First One-Hour Session – Assessment Feedback and Career Exploration
  • Second Session – Resume/Social Media Review OR Education Plan


Contact Leigh Anne to discuss needs  |  $450 |  678-232-3803  |

Nursing School Applicant

Three years ago, Leigh Anne helped my dreams come true when I was accepted into the University of Florida. She helped me again this year with my essays when applying to UF’s nursing program. She gave me great advice on how to turn my ideas into essays that would stand out from the rest. Thanks to Leigh Anne, I get to live out my dream of becoming a Nurse as I was accepted into the program! 

IT Professional

Leigh Anne, thanks so much for your assistance in getting me up to date in the use of techniques required for effective resumes and Linked In profiles. With over 20 years in the IT industry, it was hard to tease out my strongest skills, most valuable knowledge and experience and to consolidate it all so it would be read. The clarity you provided, even through the Action Plan, was invaluable.

Early Career Changer

Ms. Spraetz, as you know, I came to you at such a frustrating point in my life. I’m in a job that I do not like and I feel I have no life balance. You helped me see me strengths when I couldn’t recognize them anymore, and to then sell my message for a job I wanted. I’m super grateful!

Early Career Changer

Ms. Spraetz, thanks for all of your help. Your career coaching helped me to believe in my skills and knowledge again. You certainly helped me understand what it takes to present an effective resume today, and your suggestion of what my salary range could be was so motivating. I wanted to let you know that I accepted a job yesterday, and will be making way more than in my current position.

Adult in Career Transition

Thank you so much for all of your help and support. I hope I won't need your services again, but you were very helpful and I very much appreciated your assistance.