Millennial Messages:: Lletters from Mothers to their Millennial (and Centennial) Daughters


When I first started my career as a salesperson for a Fortune 100 communications company, I received an education that surpassed much of what I learned in college. A female customer recommended a book, Games Your Mother Never Taught You by Betty Lehan Harragan. It was invaluable to me. As my daughter is preparing to graduate from college and start her own career, I want her to have a guide that will be invaluable to her. Newer books are out there, and as a college and career counselor, I have read many of them. However, I want one that has heart, insight, personal meaning, and wisdom: one that is not just about corporate gamesmanship and reaching the top, but one that targets all of the roles women lead today. I want to be a voice for my daughter during her interview process, on her first day of work, and through the years as she strives to find balance in her life to achieve and be true to herself as she becomes who she was meant to be; to succeed not only in the workplace, but most importantly – in life. So, with the help of women I respect, I’m writing my own. If you are a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, relative, friend or employee of a female millennial, please pass this book along to equip and encourage her. It contains wisdom, support, and inspiration from the women who do it best – mothers.